2020 Johns-Putra Australian Junior Elite Training Squad (JETS)

Applications are now open for the 2020 JETS Training Squad sponsored by Geraldine Johns-Putra.

We are pleased to invite applications from talented Australian juniors (U/18) for the 2020 Australian Junior Elite Training Squad – JETS.

The JETS Squad is Australia’s premier development squad, aimed at encouraging and challenging the next generation of Australian champions. (Past JETS members have gone on to become Grandmasters and International Masters.)

Applicants are judged by enthusiasm, commitment and recent improvement, as well as rating, with a loading for applicants aged 14 and under. A maximum of 30 players will be selected, with at least a third of squad members being of each gender. Two places will be reserved for juniors from New Zealand and a minimum of six places for the host State.

Eligibility for the Squad will generally require participation in at least one of the following events in December/January 2019/20: the Australian Young Masters in Adelaide, an Australian Championship event in Sydney, or the Australian Junior Championships on the Gold Coast. (A very small number of exceptions may be made; please state extenuating circumstances on application.)

The selected members of the 2020 JETS Squad must commit to attend the JETS national junior training camp, to be held on the Gold Coast from July 4-9. The camp will conclude no later than 4.30pm on July 9 to allow interstate JETS members to fly home that evening.

The first three days will involve participation in the final six rounds of the Gold Coast Open with post-game analysis by JETS coaches. (This year players will also be encouraged to arrive on July 2, to compete in the Gold Coast Open from the start.) The final three days of the camp will include intensive coaching in small groups by Grandmasters and International Masters, plus a GM Simultaneous Exhibition.

Apply via http://australianjuniorchess.org.au/apply

Deadline for applications March 1st, 2020.

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