Selections Process

What is the selection process?

There are usually 5 selectors appointed. Some past selectors include GM Ian Rogers, GM Darryl Johansen and IM Gary Lane.

The selectors are given rating data and supporting statements for all applicants. Initially they look at the applicants and rule out any who are considered too weak to play at this point in their chess careers. These people are notified immediately by the Selections’ Coordinator.

The selectors then rank the remaining applicants in strength order. The person ranked first is the Primary selection and entitled to free entry, accommodation and food where available. The secondary selections are endorsed to go, but have to pay all costs.

This whole process does take some weeks and the selectors usually wish to see results from Doeberl (and SIO when it is run). Thus the selections are normally released within 2 weeks of the end of these tournaments. Where Easter is late and the World Youth is being held early, selections might have to be done prior to Doeberl.

This is usually a very frustrating period for parents, as they wish to get on with requesting leave from employers and schools, as well as to start fund-raising, but it has to be balanced with selectors having enough information to make an accurate selection.

There is an appeal period after the selections are announced. The appeal process is documented when the selections are announced. It is always confronting to find your child ranked lower than another child, but unless there is a procedural error, or a huge difference in strength, it is unlikely any appeal would be successful.

Accepting your selection

Successful applicants are given two weeks to accept their selection. Where dates/venue have not been announced, then applicants are not expected to accept their selection, until these are announced.

Where a primary selected child decides not to go, then the primary selection is passed onto the next person on the list.

Because of the short acceptance period, it is sensible to already talk to schools etc about taking the time off, so that a timely acceptance can be done.

On accepting your selection, you will need to immediately pay a sum of $300 to the AusJCL. This is non refundable if you change your mind. It will be used towards paying expenses such as registration fees, coaching costs, uniform etc.