Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone who has already been playing rated games and taking their chess seriously can think about applying. Your child should have played at the Australian Juniors already and been one of the stronger players in their age group.

Your child has to be an Australian permanent resident, within the meaning of the Immigration Act. You might have every intention of trying to stay in Australia but that is usually not good enough. There are some gray areas, where people have applied for permanent residency, but their application is not yet processed. In that case you can apply and might get a provisional selection. If the residency is not finalized by a particular date, then the selection will be withdrawn. This is fairly complicated and best to discuss exact circumstances with the selections coordinator.

As a guideline if your child is not close to the following ratings, then you would need to think very carefully about whether the expense and potential stress is worthwhile. The selectors will also decide whether your child is strong enough to play and might endorse him/her for one of the Asian or Asean events, but not the World Youth. (Please note – these ratings are a guideline and the selectors can make exceptions if they feel it is justified).

U8 Open and U8 Girls – No rating restriction
U10 Open – ACF rating 700+
U10 Girls – ACF rating 500+
U12 Open – ACF rating 1200+
U12 Girls – ACF rating 900+
U14 Open – ACF rating 1400+
U14 Girls – ACF rating 1000+
U16 Open – ACF rating 1600+
U16 Girls – ACF rating 1200+
U18 Open – ACF rating 1800+
U18 Girls – ACF rating 1500+
U20 Open – ACF rating 2000+
U20 Girls – ACF rating 1600+

Selections are widely advertised and title holders from the Australian Juniors are e-mailed (where possible), to notify them of the opening of applications. Normally application open in February and close in March.

Normally you can apply for the following tournaments:

  • Asian Youth
  • Asian Juniors
  • World Youth
  • World Juniors
  • U16 Olympiad

Go to the “Applications” page on this website, fill in the details online and select the tournaments you wish to apply for.

It is important to keep checking your e-mail so that you can swiftly respond to queries.

Once the closing date is reached the online site is deactivated and no more applications can be made. Occasionally an application will be accepted within a day or so of the closing date if there are extenuating circumstances for missing the closing date. No applications will be accepted after that, unless there are no applicants for a particular age group and a very strong candidate puts in an application. This will only be possible if coaching and accommodation constraints allow it.