Coordinate online event applications

This article is for AusJCL committee members who have a responsibility to coordinate applications to JETS and International Tournaments.

Background of the online form

The website online application form is a Google web form embedded onto the website. Access to editing the form is through AusJCL Google documents. Editing the form should only be done by the webmaster.

When somebody makes an online entry the results are stored in a second google document.

All AusJCL google documents are stored in an AusJCL directory. The AusJCL committee should have access to this directory and the files it contains.

Accessing Google docs

If you have never accessed Google docs before then you will have to go through a couple of steps. The webmaster will grant you permission to access Google docs, using your email address as the login (please note it does not have to be a Google email, it can be any email). If you have a gmail account then you just use your normal gmail email address and password to access the google document. Otherwise you will have to signup for google docs using your normal email.

Please get the webmaster to help you through this process of getting access to AusJCL’s google docs.

Automated notification of applications

The selections coordinator MUST set themselves up to be automatically notified when there is a new application, otherwise applications will be made without anybody realising.

This is done when you open the responses google spreadsheet:

  • Click the Tools menu
  • followed by the Notification Rules sub menu
  • select the ‘Notify me when a user submits a form’ checkbox
  • and select the ‘Email me straight’ away checkbox.
  • then click submit.

Now you should get email notifications when somebody makes an online application.