The Australian Junior Chess League folded in January 2018 but the following contacts details are still valid for the named individuals.


Dr. Charles Zworestine
5/10 Crawford Road, Brighton-le-Sands, NSW 2216
02 9556 3960 (H)
0410 563 965

Vice President

Peter Tsai

Selection Co-ordinator

Alana Chibnall


Sabrina Koetsier

Bulletin Editor

Sabrina Koetsier

Tasmanian Representative

Rebecca Rumley

South Australian Representative

David Koetsier

Western Australia Representative

Yita Choong

Australian Chess Federation

The Australian Junior Chess League operates under the authority of the Australian Chess Federation.
The Australian Chess Federation is an incorporated association (association number A 01325) under the Associations Incorporation Act 1991 of the ACT.