2015 Johns-Putra Australian Junior Elite  Training Squad

The following players were selected – congratulations! The training camp will be held at Somerset College on the Gold Coast from June 27 – July 1. Coaches will likely include GMs Melkumyan, Johansen and Rogers and IMs Illingworth, Ly and Kourkounakis.

David Cannon
Lachlan Chen
Paula Chen
Ellie Choemuku-Huang
Eva Ge
Benjamin Hurst
Michael Jiang
James Kay
Abigail Lee
Cassandra Lim
Christopher Lim
David Liu
Tom Maguire
William Maligin
David Marsh
Luke Marsh
Michael Ostapenko
Tom Slater-Jones
Fiona Shen
Kevin Shen
Brandon Soetanto
Kevin Song
Nina Tchitaev
Jason Wang
Kayson Wang
Ruicheng Wang
Dashiell Young
Jennifer Zhang
Tony Zhong
Brendan Zou

1. Anshika Jain
2. Hughston Parle
3. Callum Wilson

Applications closed on February 20 2015. Parents were emailed today to confirm receipt of applications. For anyone who made an application but did not receive such an email, please contact me asap.

Tristan Boyd

AusJCL Selections Coordinator



2015 Johns-Putra Australian Junior Elite Training Squad (JETS)

Application form for the Australia Junior Chess League’s 2015 JETS Training Squad sponsored by Geraldine Johns-Putra.

The Australian Junior Chess League is pleased to invite applications from talented Australian juniors (U/18) for the national junior training squad.

The JETS Squad is Australia’s premier development squad, aimed at encouraging and challenging the next generation of Australian champions. (Past JETS members have gone on to become Grandmasters and International Masters.)

Applicants are judged by enthusiasm and commitment as well as rating, with priority for applicants aged 14 and under.

A maximum of 30 players will be selected, with at least a third of squad members being of each gender.

Eligibility for the Squad will require participation in at least one of the Australian Open Championships (Sydney) or Australian Junior Championships (Canberra), in January 2014. (A very small number of exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances. Please state on application.)

The selected members of the 2014 JETS Squad should commit to attend the national junior training camp, to be held at Somerset College on the Gold Coast from June 27 – July 1. The first two days of the camp will involve competing in the Gold Coast Open, with post-game analysis by JETS coaches.

The final three days will involve free intensive coaching in small groups by Grandmasters and International Masters, plus a Behaviour and Ethics Hypothetical and a Grandmaster Simultaneous Exhibition.

Additional half or full day mini-camps, free for JETS Squad members, may be held in other major cities, usually in conjunction with a Grand Prix weekend tournament.

In the first half of the year, JETS Squad members may occasionally be set homework.

Applicant Details

Name …………………………………….

Address …………………………………….

Telephone number (Home) ……………………………………

Telephone number (Mob) ……………………………………

Email address ……………………………………

Birth date …………………………….

Latest ACF/FIDE Ratings ..…………………………………

Additional Comments (Optional, 200 words or less)

Note: Members residing in the host city of the JETS camp may be requested to provide billeting for an interstate guest during the camp in July.

Name and email address of parent


I give permission for my child to apply for the 2015 JETS Squad


Please return to Tristan Boyd, PO Box 8733, Perth, WA 6849, or apply online via this website by February 20.


Yi Liu, Queensland, and Kristine Quek, NSW, are the new Australian Junior (U/18) Champions.

Victoria won seven of the 12 titles on offer at the annual Championships, this year held at Canberra Grammar School.

Full details of all prizewinners available at: http://www.ajcc.org.au/

With two days to go before the start of the Australian Junior Championships in the ACT, the previous record entry of 270 players is in danger of being broken.

Entries for the tournament are being taken until midnight tonight – see http://www.ajcc.org.au/ for full details and a pre-tournament bulletin.

The Australian Junior Championships are run in 12 divisions, from U/8 to U/18, with Open and Girls sections, with each event being played over 9 rounds. Any player under 18 is eligible to compete.

The World U/16 Chess Olympiad in Gyor, Hungary was won by India, ahead of Russia and Iran.
The Australian team of Ari Dale, Jack Puccini, Zachary Loh, Max Chew Lee and Kristine Quek finished tied for 25th, having lost 1-3 to the eventual winners in the first round.
See http://chess-results.com/tnr153962.aspx?lan=1&art=20&fed=AUS&flag=30&wi=821 for complete results.
Report by Adrian Chew Lee
The team were in the end disappointed in only achieving their starting rank, but they were without their number 1 player for the first 4 rounds.
Early results when the team played above their ratings raised their expectations and unfortunately a bad result against a good team in round 5 led to a hit to morale, but they bounced back. In three of the matches that were lost, Australia had winning chances, but unfortunately good opponents will punish you for small errors and the opportunities slipped away. 3 of the team won brilliancy prizes.
Lubomir [Ftacnik] was an excellent coach – he understood the team members’ psychologies and used that to extract the best from each member. This event was a great experience for the team, especially for Max & Kristine being their first such event. The team bonded really well and they would go off and analyse and prepare as a group with or without Lubomir.
We noticed that with the exception of Russia, many teams either had only 4 players and no girl, or only played their girl player [sparingly, as little as one game]. Obviously this was a point of discussion; if FIDE are going to implement the 1 girl per team rule, then it should be that each team must have at least one girl and that girl should play a minimum number of games. In our case, Kristine played extremely well and was an asset to the team.

I must also compliment the Hungarian Chess Federation on the organization of this event at such short notice.

The latest ACF ratings were published on December 1.

See http://auschess.org.au/acf/ratings/ for the complete list.

Top Under 20
2489 16 VIC Cheng, Bobby [IM]
2425 19 VIC Morris, James [IM]
2393 12 NSW Smirnov, Anton [IM]
2331 16 QLD Liu, Yi
2305 19 VIC Schon, Eugene
2270 15 VIC Dale, Ari [IM]
2255 17 VIC Matheson, Laurence
2207 18 QLD Nakauchi, Gene [FM]
2190 14 VIC Puccini, Jack
2149 18 SA Cameron, Alistair
2094 18 ACT Guo, Emma [WIM]
2079 14 VIC Loh, Zachary
2078 18 QLD Louie, Ryan
2060 19 WA Saroha, Chirag
2037 14 NSW Gu, Sean
2012 19 ACT Yin, Wenlin
1997 16 NSW Xuan, Thomas
1994 16 ACT Litchfield, Frederick
1988 14 VIC Chew Lee, Max
1984 19 ACT Bishop, Joshua

Update regarding call for applications (deadline 28 September)

Dear all chess juniors and chess parents

Please note that the regulations released by the tournament organisers (on the FIDE and tournament websites) for this year’s event currently contain a new rule regarding team eligibility (highlighted in bold).

A team consists of 5 players (4 players and 1 reserve)  at least one of whom must be a girl.

However, the official invitation provided by the organisers to the ACF did not contain this requirement. We are currently seeking clarification of this issue.

Tristan Boyd, AusJCL Selections Co-ordinator


Australia is sending one of its youngest sides ever to the World Youth Championships in Durban, with only Cedric and Clarise Koh ever having represented Australia before. The team is below. I extend my personal good luck wishes to each and every one of you!


Under 18 Girls:  Clarise Koh (NSW)

Under 16 Girls:  Zhi Lin Guo (VIC)

Under 12 Girls:  Licia Yao (VIC)

Under 10 Girls:  Cassandra Lim (VIC)

Under 18 Open:  Cedric Koh (NSW)

Under 16 Open:  Tom Maguire (QLD)

Under 14 Open:  James Kay (QLD)

Under 12 Open:  Kevin Song (QLD)

Under 10 Open:  Xander Leibert (NSW)

Under 8 Open:  Sebastian Bracks (NSW), Christopher Lim (VIC)

Congratulations on your selections. This event will be a fantastic experience for all you, especially those who have never been to a World Youth in the past. Under the experienced management of Eunice Koh, I am sure you will all have a wonderful time! May you all also gain much valuable chess experience in South Africa. The AusJCL wishes all the Australian representatives the very best of luck; I am sure you will all do Australia proud!


Charles Zworestine,

President, AusJCL.