International Master Alex Davidovic is starting a new chess club in the centre of Adelaide, meeting on Thursdays and Saturdays and featuring regular lectures as well as playing facilities.

Box Factory Chess Club

59 Regent St South, Adelaide SA 5000

Thursday 6-8pm and Saturday 4-6pm

Enquiries:  Alex Davidovic 0405 433 708 or Alex@ChessMates.TV

What a fantastic event is has been! Please find below all category winners for 2016! Congratulations everyone.


Under 18 Open Ari Dale (VIC) 9/9

Under 16 Open David Cannon (VIC) 7/9

Under 14 Open Bobby Yu (VIC) 7/9

Under 12 Open Michael Ostapenko (QLD) 8/9

Under 10 Open Brandon Soetanto (VIC) 8/9 (won playoff against Shawn Zillmann (VIC): 1-1 in 15 minutes games then 2-0 in blitz games)

Under 8 Open Sayum Rupasinghe (NSW) 8/9 (won the two 15 minute game playoff against Katherine Pan (NSW) 2-0)

Under 18 Girls Zhi Lin Guo (VIC) 9/9

Under 16 Girls Alanna Chew Lee (VIC) 7/9

Under 14 Girls Eva Ge (NSW) 8/9 (won the two 15 minute game playoff against Amelia Mendes (VIC) 2-0)

Under 12 Girls Zoe Jones (VIC) 5.5/9

Under 10 Girls Yifan Eva Wang (VIC) 7.5/8

Under 8 Girls Katherine Pan (NSW) 5/8


2016 Johns-Putra Australian Junior Elite Training Squad (JETS)

Application form for the Australia Junior Chess League’s 2016 JETS Training Squad sponsored by Geraldine Johns-Putra.

The Australian Junior Chess League is pleased to invite applications from talented Australian juniors (U/18) for the national junior training squad.

The JETS Squad is Australia’s premier development squad, aimed at encouraging and challenging the next generation of Australian champions. (Past JETS members have gone on to become Grandmasters and International Masters.)

Applicants are judged by enthusiasm and commitment as well as rating, with a loading for applicants aged 14 and under.

A maximum of 30 players will be selected, with at least a third of squad members being of each gender.

Eligibility for the Squad will require participation in at least one of the Australian Championships or Reserves (Melbourne) or Australian Junior Championships (Adelaide), in January 2016. (A very small number of exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances. Please state on application.)

The selected members of the 2016 JETS Squad should commit to attend the national junior training camp, to be held in Sydney from July 4-8. The first three days will involve free intensive coaching in small groups by Grandmasters and International Masters, including a Behaviour and Ethics Hypothetical.

The final two days of the camp will include competing in a training tournament, with post-game analysis by JETS coaches, plus a Grandmaster Simultaneous Exhibition.

In the first half of the year, JETS Squad members may occasionally be set homework.

Applicant Details

Name …………………………………….

Address …………………………………….

Telephone number (Home) ……………………………………

Telephone number (Mob) ……………………………………

Email address ……………………………………

Birth date …………………………….

Latest ACF/FIDE Ratings ..…………………………………

Additional Comments (Optional, 200 words or less)

Note: Members residing in the host city of the JETS camp may be requested to provide billeting for an interstate guest during the camp in July.

Name and email address of parent


I give permission for my child to apply for the 2016 JETS Squad


P lease return to an Australian Junior Chess League representative by hand, email to

or post to Peter Tsai,35 Cookson Way, Burwood, VIC 3125 , or apply via at latest by February 20.

Dear all chess juniors and chess parents

This event will be held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from 5-15 April 2016. There are the following age group divisions (Open and Girls): U/6, U/8, U/10, U/12, U/14, U/16 and U/18.

Applications for this event are now open. If you wish to apply, email me at no later than 20 January 2016. No other forms of application will be accepted (please do not use the AusJCL website). As the deadline for registrations for the event is 5 February 2016, it is anticipated that the “quick” selection method provided for in the ACF by-law (average of FIDE and ACF ratings) will be used if there are multiple applicants for a division.

In an application please provide the following information:

Full name, date of birth, postal and email addresses, phone number, FIDE rating and ACF rating, and confirmation of whether the player is currently an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

You may also choose to include further supporting information if you wish, but this is not required. If you wish to see the tournament brochure, selection procedure by-law or have any other questions please email me. All applicants must retain a copy of all emails they send and are responsible for ensuring that their email has been sent and received by the deadline. If you have any questions and wish to speak to me by phone, email me and I will respond with my phone number.

Kind regards
Tristan Boyd

Congratulations on the winning ASTC teams

Primary Girls: St Andrews, VIC (17.5)
Primary Open: Mount View, VIC (15.5)
Secondary Girls: Abbotsleigh, NSW (18)
Secondary Open: Melbourne High, VIC (18)

Full results on Chess Chat

Click here to see some photos of the event (by Euhan Chin).

We have received all player names for the Australian Schools Teams Chess Championship and they are now available on the ASTC website.

Please note that the board order is provisional and is subject to change before the event starts. Board order should be based on player strength. Once the tournament starts the board order cannot be altered, but reserves may play on the lowest boards. (If board 1 player wants a rest, then board 2 player will play on board 1 and so on, and the reserve will play on board 4).

The ASTC starts Sat 5th Dec. All representing schools are obligated to provide player names in board order. Board order should be based on players strength. The competition cannot run without these names. The following schools have not provided their player names:

* ACT: Canberra Grammar School
* ACT: Caroline Chisholm School
* ACT: Lyneham High School
* ACT: Radford College
* VIC: St.Andrews Christian College
* VIC: Mount View Primary School (Girls & Open)

Please send email to Simon Dale –

The FIDE World Youth & Cadets Championship 2015 was played in Porto Carras, Halkidiki.

The players from India dominated the event, winning as many as 11 medals, among them 5 gold. Russia and USA took 4 medals each, but none of them was gold. Iran, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Germany, Greece, Uzbekistan and Vietnam have one gold medal each.

However most excitingly was the performance of the Australian players, with Justin Tan and Sardana Rishi ending up on the podium as equal 4th in the Under 18. Of course our other Australian Juniors also did amazingly well in a very tough competition.

Below are the links to the Championship website and the Results of our Australian Juniors:






World Youth Overview






1.IM Anton Smirnov (NSW) 2463

2. IM Justin Tan (Vic) 2446

3. IM Bobby Cheng (Vic)  2419

4.IM Rishi Sardana (India) 2385

5. IM Ari Dale (Vic) 2348

6. FM Yi Liu (Qld) 2306

7. FM Pengyu Chen (NSW) 2289

8. FM Karl Zelesco (Vic) 2272

9. FM Gene Nakauchi (Qld) 2265

10. Laurence Matheson (Vic) 2256

11. FM Zachary Loh (Vic) 2220

12. FM Jack Puccini (Vic) 2213