Apologies for the wait! The 2019 JETS Squad is:

Matthew Arthur VIC
Damaris Augustine VIC
George Bartley SA
Nikita Boldyrev SA
James Boyd-Norman SA
Chao Xin Cheng VIC
Kundan Dharmapuri WA
Sri Krishna Kousel Dharmapuri WA
Anthony Fikh NSW
Oscar Gao WA
Sean Hawkins VIC
Toby Huey NSW
Chelsea Huey NSW
Chathula Kiripitige SA
Jonathan Lo QLD
Jennifer Morrison VIC
Om O’Carroll VIC
Dhwani Patel NSW
Sravan Renjith QLD
Athena-Malar Retnaraja SA
Ethan Retnaraja SA
James Spencer NSW
Ryder Testolin VIC
Aman Deepak Thadani ACT
Sulia Van Sebille VIC
Alaina Vincent NSW
Bridgette Watkins QLD
Jesse Zafirakos VIC

Reserves are (in order):

Aiden Wen
Isaac Chai

Qi Kaibing
Darline Augustine
Oliver Fenton

I will send out an email to all applicants tonight or tomorrow night to let them know of these selections and outcomes.

Thank you to the five selectors: GM Ian Rogers, GM Moulthun Ly, WGM Julia Ryjanova, FM Shaun Press and Fedja Zulfic for their help.

Applications for the 2019 JETS Squad are closed.

Please contact alanachibnall@hotmail.com immediately if you have applied but your name is not on this list.

List last updated 5 March 2019 at 10:00pm.

First Name Last Name State
Akshay Annamalai ACT
Vihaan Anup Kumar NSW
James Arthur VIC
Matthew Arthur VIC
Damaris Augustine VIC
Darline Augustine VIC
George Bartley SA
Nikita Boldyrev SA
James Boyd-Norman SA
Luzelle Carney QLD
Jaimie Carney QLD
Connor Caruso SA
Sophie Cerny SA
Issac Chai VIC
Romain Charbonneau NSW
Chao Xin Cheng VIC
Joseph Cho VIC
Joshua Cooper QLD
Ryley Dang VIC
Kundan Dharmapuri WA
Sri Krishna Kousel Dharmapuri WA
Rishan Dipankar SA
Tom Donaldson NSW
Erin Dullaway QLD
Michael Dullaway QLD
Oliver Fenton SA
Anthony Fikh NSW
Oscar Gao WA
Gabriel Garber VIC
Justin Goodison VIC
Leonard Goodison VIC
Sean Hawkins VIC
Iker Hernandez Mendez WA
Toby Huey NSW
Anthony Huynh SA
Shriya Karthik ACT
Chathula Kiripitige SA
Dexuan Kong ACT
Aurora Lannon QLD
Dewmi Liyanage SA
Jonathan Lo QLD
Taifeng Matt Lyu NSW
Alistair Maria SA
Rover Leigh Mercado QLD
Eowyn Mercado QLD
Jennifer Morrison VIC
Om O’Carroll VIC
Celine Ong WA
Dhwani Patel NSW
Hamish Pattison SA
Liam Thanh Phung SA
Kaibing Qi SA
Alistair Randall SA
Sravan Renjith QLD
Athena-Malar Retnaraja SA
Ethan Retnaraja SA
Noah Rose QLD
Aidan Seifert NSW
Timofey Smirnov NSW
James Spencer NSW
Ryder Testolin VIC
Aman Deepak Thadani ACT
Sulia Van Sebille VIC
Christiaan Viljoen SA
Alaina Vincent NSW
Daniel Wang NSW
Michael Wang NSW
Eason Wang QLD
Bridgette Watkins QLD
Rachel Jane Watkins QLD
Sebastian Wei NSW
Aiden Wen NSW
Elizabeth Williams QLD
Jason Yan NSW
Jayden Yue SA
Jesse Zafirakos VIC
Eric Zheng VIC

Congratulations to the 28 Australian junior chess players who have been selected in the Johns-Putra Junior Elite Training Squad (JETS) for 2018. We had a massive number of applications so to be selected into the squad is a great achievement.

These players are joined by two representatives from New Zealand to participate in a five-day training camp being held in Melbourne in early July. Participants will get to participate in intensive group coaching from five top Grandmaster and International Master coaches as well as attend an ethics lecture. They will then get to play in a two-day training tournament followed by a simultaneous exhibition with one of the coaches.

The list of names are:

Sophia Boyce
Jacob Joseph Chan
Amanda Cheng
Aaron Do
Brent Kristoffer Geronimo
Lachlan Ho
Ethan Hooi
Kathleen Hooi
Toby Huey
Nicholas Ilic
Chathula Kiripitige
Oliver Li
Emily Lin
Byron Morris
Sze Yong Ng
Dhwani Patel
Athena-Malar Retnaraja
Ethan Retnaraja
Haran Salasan
Gavyn Sanusi-Goh
Jonas Sze-To
Ryder Testolin
Sulia Van Sebille
Sophie Watkins
Chao Xing Cheng
Winston Zhao Chen
Marco Le Lun Zheng
Shawn Zillman

Nicole Qin (NZ)

Ryan Winter(NZ)


Ruofan Xu
Elena Jule
William Rumley
Chloe Fan


The decision has been made for the Australian Junior Chess League to be folded effective as of Sunday 7 January 2018. All matters related to junior chess in Australia including national championships, the Australian Schools Teams Championship and international selection applications will be handled by the ACF directly. The Junior Elite Training Squad will operate independently of the AJCL and the ACF.

The website will be left open until the JETS applications are closed. Applications for international events will need to be made directly to the Australian Chess Federation.

The Facebook page also has to come to an end. We will close the Facebook page down on Sunday 14th January. (Of course we cannot stop anyone else from creating a similar page and we would be happy to share the link and notify the community…)

Please feel free to contact ACF president Gary Wastell (22 Bruarong Crescent, Frankston South, Victoria 3199 Australia, 0409 525 963, 03 9787 7974 (H), president@auschess.org.au) or other ACF committee members if you would like more information about the decision and the future of Australian Junior Chess.

Thank you for helping us build the Australian Junior Chess community to what it has become.

The Australian Junior Chess League Committee

2018 Johns-Putra Australian Junior Elite Training Squad (JETS)

Application form for the 2018 JETS Training Squad sponsored by Geraldine Johns-Putra.

We are pleased to invite applications from talented Australian juniors (U/18) for the national junior training squad.

The JETS Squad is Australia’s premier development squad, aimed at encouraging and challenging the next generation of Australian champions. (Past JETS members have gone on to become Grandmasters and International Masters.)

Applicants are judged by enthusiasm, commitment and recent improvement, as well as rating, with a loading for applicants aged 14 and under.

A maximum of 30 players will be selected, with at least a third of squad members being of each gender.

Two places will be reserved for a male and female player from New Zealand and a minimum of six places for the host State or Territory.

Eligibility for the Squad will generally require participation in at least one of the January national championships, either the Australian Championship or Reserves tournament (held in Sydney), or the Australian Junior Championships (held in Melbourne). (A small number of exceptions may be made; please state extenuating circumstances on application.)

The selected members of the 2018 JETS Squad should commit to attend the national junior training camp, to be held at Glen Waverley Secondary College in Melbourne from July 9-13.

The first three days will involve free intensive coaching in small groups by Grandmasters and International Masters.

The final two days of the camp will include competing in a training tournament, with post-game analysis by JETS coaches, plus a Grandmaster Simultaneous Exhibition.

Applicant Details

Name …………………………………….

Address …………………………………….

Telephone number (Home) ……………………………………

Telephone number (Mob) ……………………………………

Email address ……………………………………

Birth date …………………………….

Latest ACF/FIDE Ratings ..…………………………………

Additional Comments (Optional, 200 words or less)

Note: Members residing in the host city of the JETS camp may be requested to provide billeting for an interstate guest during the camp in July.

Name and email address of parent


I give permission for my child to apply for the 2018 JETS Squad


Please email your application to chess@t-s-a-i.com or post to Peter Tsai,35 Cookson Way, Burwood, VIC 3125, or apply via http://australianjuniorchess.org.au at latest by February 20.

30 selected juniors, from 6 States and Territories, plus New Zealand, participated in the 2017 Johns-Putra JETS camp at Campbell High School in Canberra, ACT, from 3-7 July.

The camp consisted of three days of intensive training – by 4 Grandmasters and an International Master teaching rotating small groups – followed by a training tournament and a simultaneous exhibition by GM Ian Rogers. New Zealand’s Daniel Gong won the training tournament while the ACT’s Ruofan Xu was the only player to defeat Rogers in the simultaneous exhibition. (9-year-old Chao Xin Cheng also secured a draw against Rogers and two days later won the Victorian U/10 Girls Championship!)

Applications for the 2018 JETS Squad, targeting keen and improving juniors aged between 8 and 16, will begin in January.  To be eligible for the squad, Australian juniors are required to participate in the 2018 Australian Junior Championship or the 2018 Australian Championships (any division).



Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to play in the World Cadet Chess Championship (U8-U12) to take place in Brazil in August.

Thank you to GM Ian Rogers, IM Junta Ikeda and David Koetsier for being the selectors.

Under 12 Open
Byron Morris
Xander Liebert
Siddhant Badrinarayan

Under 8 Open
Aiden Wen