The ASTC starts Sat 5th Dec. All representing schools are obligated to provide player names in board order. Board order should be based on players strength. The competition cannot run without these names. The following schools have not provided their player names:

* ACT: Canberra Grammar School
* ACT: Caroline Chisholm School
* ACT: Lyneham High School
* ACT: Radford College
* VIC: St.Andrews Christian College
* VIC: Mount View Primary School (Girls & Open)

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The FIDE World Youth & Cadets Championship 2015 was played in Porto Carras, Halkidiki.

The players from India dominated the event, winning as many as 11 medals, among them 5 gold. Russia and USA took 4 medals each, but none of them was gold. Iran, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Germany, Greece, Uzbekistan and Vietnam have one gold medal each.

However most excitingly was the performance of the Australian players, with Justin Tan and Sardana Rishi ending up on the podium as equal 4th in the Under 18. Of course our other Australian Juniors also did amazingly well in a very tough competition.

Below are the links to the Championship website and the Results of our Australian Juniors:






World Youth Overview






1.IM Anton Smirnov (NSW) 2463

2. IM Justin Tan (Vic) 2446

3. IM Bobby Cheng (Vic)  2419

4.IM Rishi Sardana (India) 2385

5. IM Ari Dale (Vic) 2348

6. FM Yi Liu (Qld) 2306

7. FM Pengyu Chen (NSW) 2289

8. FM Karl Zelesco (Vic) 2272

9. FM Gene Nakauchi (Qld) 2265

10. Laurence Matheson (Vic) 2256

11. FM Zachary Loh (Vic) 2220

12. FM Jack Puccini (Vic) 2213