Update regarding call for applications (deadline 28 September)

Dear all chess juniors and chess parents

Please note that the regulations released by the tournament organisers (on the FIDE and tournament websites) for this year’s event currently contain a new rule regarding team eligibility (highlighted in bold).

A team consists of 5 players (4 players and 1 reserve)  at least one of whom must be a girl.

However, the official invitation provided by the organisers to the ACF did not contain this requirement. We are currently seeking clarification of this issue.

Tristan Boyd, AusJCL Selections Co-ordinator


Australia is sending one of its youngest sides ever to the World Youth Championships in Durban, with only Cedric and Clarise Koh ever having represented Australia before. The team is below. I extend my personal good luck wishes to each and every one of you!


Under 18 Girls:  Clarise Koh (NSW)

Under 16 Girls:  Zhi Lin Guo (VIC)

Under 12 Girls:  Licia Yao (VIC)

Under 10 Girls:  Cassandra Lim (VIC)

Under 18 Open:  Cedric Koh (NSW)

Under 16 Open:  Tom Maguire (QLD)

Under 14 Open:  James Kay (QLD)

Under 12 Open:  Kevin Song (QLD)

Under 10 Open:  Xander Leibert (NSW)

Under 8 Open:  Sebastian Bracks (NSW), Christopher Lim (VIC)

Congratulations on your selections. This event will be a fantastic experience for all you, especially those who have never been to a World Youth in the past. Under the experienced management of Eunice Koh, I am sure you will all have a wonderful time! May you all also gain much valuable chess experience in South Africa. The AusJCL wishes all the Australian representatives the very best of luck; I am sure you will all do Australia proud!


Charles Zworestine,

President, AusJCL.