2014 World Youth Chess Championship (‘WYCC’) – update and new call for applications

Dear all chess juniors and chess parents

The 2014 WYCC is being held in Durban, South Africa, from 19-30 September. Since my post #172, some initial applicants have withdrawn their applications or declined selection. The current selections are as follows, and their parents have already been notified. The * indicates that this player is the primary selected player in that category (and whose name is also in bold).

Under 8 Open
Sebastian Bracks*

Under 12 Open
Kevin Willathgamuwa*
Rowan Willathgamuwa

Under 16 Open
George Carolin-Unkovich*

The primary selection positions in all other divisions (U/10, U/14 and U/18 Open, and all 6 girls divisions) are currently still available. Therefore the AusJCL has decided to re-open applications for the WYCC.

If you wish to apply, please email me at tristan.s.boyd@gmail.com asap, and in any event no later than Sunday 29 June. This deadline for new applications will be strictly enforced, and no other methods of application will be accepted. In an application please provide the following information:

Full name, date of birth, postal and email addresses, phone number, FIDE and ACF ratings, and the division(s) applied for. You may also choose to include further supporting information if you wish, but this is not required.

Note that it is permissible to apply for more than one division, although it is only possible to play in one division. If someone now applies for the Open U/8, U/12 or U/16, they would only become eligible for primary selection in that division if the relevant player(s) referred to earlier in this post declined their selection.

The tournament website is http://www.2014wycc.co.za/2014wycc/Home.html On this page there is a link to the formal invitation (a downloadable pdf brochure) containing tournament regulations and related information.

If you have any questions and wish to speak to me by phone, please email me and I will respond with my phone number.

Kind regards
Tristan Boyd
AusJCL Selections Coordinator